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Broadcast Sound Systems Audio Solutions

Below are the current Audio Solutions we currently offer to customers throughout the UK. All systems are bespoke and tailored to your needs using the most up to date technologies available and suitable to you and your current equipment.

PA Systems

Public Address or "Tannoy" systems are recognised as highly effective and low cost methods of communicating information to a large area or group of individuals quickly.

Broadcast Sounds supply solutions ranging from simple microphone and speaker systems to full tannoy systems. There are many ways we can develop solutions to meet a requirement. Please contact us to find out more about PA and Tannoy system installations and maintenance with Broadcast Sounds systems

Voice Evacuation Systems

Voice evacuation systems are an emergency system where evacuation voice messages can be given across a building in an emergency. They are generally pre recorded but also have the facility for personal recordings such as police/fire offices to give specific information.

They are usually tied into the a buildings PA system in larger areas whereas in smaller areas may be a stand alone system.

It is normally mandatory within Europe to have a Voice evacuation or voice alarm system fitted in rail and other transport locations, tall building, schools, hospitals and other other large facilities.

Induction Loop Systems and Infrared Hearing Systems

Induction loop hearing systems

Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems (A.F.I.L.S) are used by hearing aid wearers to assist them to hear clearly in difficult acoustic environments like reception areas, courts, waiting rooms, interview rooms etc.
Induction loops work by replacing the sound path between the signal sound and the hearing aid wearer with a magnetic field.

The magnetic field is induced into a telecoil and converted back to audio. When a hearing aid is switched to the "T" position the microphone is turned off and the user hears what is fed into the induction loop system instead of background noise

Infrared Hearing Systems

Infrared hearing systems work in a different way. They are an assistive audio system to aid in communication when one or more parties are hearing impaired.
The system works via an input system e.g a microphone which then is converted by a modulator to and infrared light signal. the signal is then fed to radiators that radiate invisible light into an area which carries the signal to wireless receivers worn by the users. at this stage the receivers convert the signal back to audio.

In recent years infrared audio systems have become a popular alternative to traditional induction loop systems. They are not as versatile but they do have there advantages over other systems for example, it is constrained to the specific room of use. Broadcast Sound systems current maintain several hearing systems we have installed for HMCS

Speech transfer systems

Speech transfer systems are two way intercoms that allow clear voice  communication through a solid glass security screen. They are commonly used in areas of increased personal risk to staff such as benefit offices, police stations, custardy suits etc or where there is increased need for security against theft while still maintaining a good level of visibility with the customer such as banks, petrol stations and post offices.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our customer service. At Broadcast Sounds you have one point of contact to give you all the assistance you need.

Client Satisfaction

When you choose Broadcast Sounds to install or upgrade of your audio systems we guarantee complete satisfaction at all times.


We use the most up to date audio technologies to provide the best protection for your property, business and members of staff


Our Audio solutions are bespoke and tailored to your needs. We integrate with your business and current systems to minimize any disruption